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Quality Primary Care Services For Children 8+

Primary Care For The Whole Family

When it’s time to pick a primary care physician (PCP) for yourself and your family members, you have a lot of considerations to make. You want a highly trained yet personable provider who takes the time to listen, learn your medical history and lifestyle, and offer health coaching to improve your overall quality of life. You also deserve quality healthcare with a provider that won’t rush you out the door. Bartolomucci Family Medicine embodies all of these qualities and more. 

Dr. Kevin Bartolomucci and physician assistant Rebecca Bartolomucci are a husband and wife team that have made it their mission to put patients first. As family medicine providers, they are specially trained to offer the full spectrum of primary care to both children ages 8 and up to adults. No matter your age or health needs, Bartolomucci Family Medicine will make sure you are listened to and well taken care of. 

You no longer need to search the web for ‘primary care physician near me’ when you become a patient with our practice. Call or request an appointment online today to get started!


Physician discussing the problem with the patient

Primary Care Doctor Greenburg, PA

Compassionate Family Medicine You Deserve

Once you start seeing a primary care physician, you create an ongoing relationship with the person who will manage virtually all aspects of your health and wellbeing throughout the course of your life. A primary care physician (PCP) doesn’t just treat you when you’re sick, they provide preventive care, teach you about healthy lifestyle choices, and make referrals to specialists for medical issues that require specialized training. Studies have shown that patients who have a PCP make fewer trips to the emergency room, and tend to live longer, healthier lives. If you are ready to have better health and improve the quality of your life, look no further than Bartolomucci Family Medicine. Put your ‘primary care doctor Pittsburgh, PA’ searches to rest and make an appointment with us today.

Leading PCPs In Greater Pittsburgh

Full Spectrum Primary Care 

At Bartolomucci Family Medicine, our top goal is patient satisfaction. You can think of us as your home base within the greater health system, covering all of your physical and mental health needs under one roof. As family medicine specialists, we treat patients of all ages, 8 and up. You can trust our dedicated team to provide compassionate primary care not just for you, but your entire family, too.  

We provide the following primary care services to our patients:

  • Annual physicals
  • Acute care/sick visits 
  • School and sports physicals
  • Driver's license/CDL physicals
  • Chronic disease management 
  • Prescription drug management
  • Well woman visits
  • Health coaching
  • Weight loss counseling


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is primary care?

Primary care is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of acute and chronic illnesses. A primary care physician specializes in either internal or family medicine, and helps to promote your overall wellness.

What does a primary care physician do?

A primary care doctor is trained to perform wellness and prevention screenings, as well as acute illness and injury care. If more specialized or advanced care is needed, your PCP can refer you to qualified specialists.

Do I need a primary care physician?

It’s very important to have a primary care physician to stay in good physical and mental health, prevent potentially life-threatening diseases, and manage any chronic illnesses. By having regular check-ups, your primary care doctor gets to know you, your lifestyle, and your family history, and can help identify potential health concerns before they become a serious issue. 

What’s the difference between an internal medicine doctor and a family medicine doctor?

An internal medicine doctor focuses solely on adult medicine, whereas a family medicine doctor provides care to both children and adults. A family medicine doctor is trained to provide care to all members of a family.